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Phoenixville Area Time Bank

Thursday, August 16th 2018 7:00 PM — 8:30 PM

Regenerative Living

Come out to the forum and see the path forward thru regenerative farming and its impact on food, land, water and carbon sequestration.
* Educate consumers - The benefits of buying regeneratively produced products

* Promote the RASP Purchasing Challenge - Encouraging consumers to purchase food, fiber, and fuel products from regenerative sources

* Connect Consumers to Producers - Curating a list of vetted producers and also works with producers to access wholesale markets

* Encourage Legislation - Actively researching model regenerative farming legislation and supporting legislation that advances soil regeneration

Mike McGrory
Founder of RASP, B Corp Team Member and
 Financial Permaculture Practitioner
The Phoenixville Green Team is a 501c(3) volunteer non-profit advocating the vision 
of a greener community that preserves the environment and promotes
 health, sustainability and community
We develop and support local initiatives, build awareness and motivate people on 
how to "live, work, and play green" in the Greater Phoenixville Area. 
Phoenixville Green Team    | 610-952-1285