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Phoenixville Area Time Bank


Membership Committee Meeting Jeanne Reese, Margo Ketchum Coordinator
July 7, 2017 Chris Bell, Camilla Lange, Rachel Rhodes
Brigette Anderson.

1. Check in with Camilla Lange, who is calling members the month before their membership is up for renewal. This is a reminder, but also a check in to see how the member is feeling about the PATB. So focus should be on a few questions that depend on the member’s profile. Have they posted a request or an offer/exchange in the past 6 months or so? If not is there a reason? Or would they like to update their profile and/or offers? So this is just a gentle check in to see what the PATB could do better. Also it’s an opportunity to let members know of upcoming events, like potlucks, meetings or socials.

Camilla said that many folks don’t answer their phones, so she leaves messages. As best she can, Camilla makes the message personal. And Margo stated that it is also an opportunity to make members aware of the Timebanker Talents list. And Chris added that it’s also a matter of balance between obtaining information for the organization and the member’s privacy. Margo sends the list to Camilla monthly and alerts her if members have paid their membership.
Camilla now will get copied on the Thank You email when a member renews.

2. Chris Bell has been doing the PATB Orientations at Orion. He will continue to do so but may need to adjust our schedule. Margo will also continue to assist. Chris said he walks new members through all the aspects of the PATB. They complete their profile at the orientation except for the biography, which they can fill out later. To do: Change the dates for Orientations with Chris to Sunday.

3. Jeanne Reese has been following up on offers/requests to see if they have been fulfilled. She only follows up with ads where she does not see a related exchange posted. Messages are sent from the Ad Response team (in members’ list.) Replies come to the same. So far most people have responded. If the person got no offers, Jeanne and members of the committee can send possible names from the Talent list….people who might be able to fulfill the request. The one area that is problematic: getting rides in a timely manner. Most requests for rides for appointments are needed within a week or so. Jeanne thought about making a list of people who can give rides, and Chris suggested using mapping data to make geographic list. To do: Start to develop a list.

4. Margo suggested that we send a link to the PATB survey on the website to people who have posted offers or requests. Jeanne to review the survey.

5. Brigette and others talked about follow up to ads that have expired. How do you take them down? Margo to check. Her reply: Go to members’ ad listing. Click on “edit”. Change expiration date to today’s date. It will no longer show up but will be archived.

6. To talk about next meeting: Activity groups; Joel’s job of calling lapsed members to possibly rejoin or as an exit interview to glean suggestions for PATB. Rachel offered to take this up.

7. Next meeting: Margo to do a short tutorial for people on the committee who hold coordinator/other access to website.

Next Meeting: August 11 at. 9:30. Jeanne’s house: 754 Bridge St. Mont Clare.