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Phoenixville Area Time Bank

PATB to host 2nd Education Mastermind Exchange, Nov 16th, 3-5 pm

At the Non-Profit Center, 822 Main St, Phoenixville, PA 

We believe everyone has immense value to the community and something to teach. Likewise, we speculate everyone has something they want to learn.

This Mastermind will help all participants share their passion, interests, and talents with other caring individuals. Improvised "ice-breaker" conversations and role-playing games will allow all of us to learn what YOU have to teach.

Our intention is to enable all participants to build small groups around the creation of small classes; starting a movement or initiative; or building and cultivating a new skill set. We hope you might be interested in starting your own activity group as regularly participate in one!

Please come ready to speak and listen. These questions will be asked during the Masterm:

  • What can you talk about for hours? Is there a specific topic you might present a 45-minute presentation about without any preparation time?
  • What are you most curious about? If you were given a 4-year scholarship to study any topics, what majors and electives might you choose?

The topics can range from personal interests or recreational pursuits to professional skills. Some general topics to consider might include art, business, technology, home care, "how to's", history, geography, sciences, or social skills.


This event is free to TimeBank members. All outside $5 entrance fees will be donated to the Phoenixville Area Time Bank.