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Phoenixville Area Time Bank

In Loving Memory Edgar Cahn

The world has lost a wonderful pioneer and trailblazer to the TimeBank movement early yesterday morning (1/23/22). Dr. Edgar Cahn, age 86, author of Time Dollars and No More Throw-Away People, and one of the founding fathers of TimeBanking, embodied the highest ideals of both mobilizing communities to come together to express their strengths and to restore mutual care. He created a new way to link untapped social capacity to unmet social needs and for communities to come together to help promote trust, reciprocity, and citizen engagement.
In the most beautiful way, Edgar moved people from his heart. He made each person feel that their problem is important and that he has all the time in the world for them. Thank you, Edgar. On behalf of our entire team and board at TimeBanks.Org, please accept our deepest sympathies to not just his family but all of us that have been deeply touched by him. 
Edgar Cahn, the world wasn’t ready for you to leave. TimeBanks.Org and those that pioneered along with you will continue to carry out your vision. As Edgar would say, "Yes We Can".
We will let you know the details of his Life Celebration shortly. Everyone will have the opportunity to attend.